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Educate yourself about insurance-related issues

Total Loss:If you have a vehicle insurance claim where a company declares it to be a total loss, their offer of a settlement may be too low. The process of achieving a better claim resolution can be difficult and overwhelming. You may need expert advice from an appraiser who is experienced and successful in taking on insurance companies and the multitude of issues that can be obstacles to a successful resolution of the claim value.

Insurance Coverage Choices: If you have a vehicle with a value that is worth more than a common, ordinary, car you will almost certainly have a problem with an insurance claim if you are not prepared.

 The insurance claims procedure for determining the value of a total loss has become a computer formula method based on a data base of advertisements for alleged comparables. This process works for a claim on average common vehicles. This one size fits all method cannot work on unordinary vehicles. Read More...

Diminished Value Recovery Background information: A vehicle damaged in an accident has less resale value after repair regardless of how well it was repaired because of the market impact of it’s derogatory history. That lost value is recoverable when another person was at fault. Their insurance company is absolutely responsible for that lost value. That responsibility has been challenged in the legal systems, and the courts have uniformly held that diminished value is a legitimate, recoverable damage.. Read More...