$50 Online Appraisal

Accurate Auto Appraisers offers online appraisals for the following:

  • Classics
  • Antiques
  • Street Rods
  • Collector Cars
  • Late model used cars and trucks

$50 Does not cover insurance claim disputes or diminished value


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You will receive a written appraisal including:

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Diminished Value Recovery

and all other issues

Call 800-733-4937 for a free consultation or visit us at www.diminished-value.net

Monte Sobrero, certified appraiser, is a diminished-value expert who offers a conditional money-back guarantee if there is no successful recovery.

When your car is damaged in an accident by another party, their insurance company is legally responsible for your loss in value claim because your car is worth less in the resale market, even after it’s repaired.

Before they pay on a diminished-value claim, insurance companies usually ask for a detailed diminished-value report. These reports are properly prepared by a qualified expert who appraises your lost value. It is relatively easy to collect on a diminished-value claim when the loss amount is accurately calculated, justified, and documented.

We provide that service.

The amount recoverable depends on many factors:

  • The history of accidents reported by Carfax, NICB, etc.
  • Age, mileage and ownership history of the damaged vehicle -- the newer and/or lower mileage of the vehicle, the higher percentage of the loss.
  • Prestige factor -- this influences the awareness and expectations in your potential buyer market.
  • Type, extent, and severity of the damage and cost of repair.